Shandong Xuanji Industrial Automation Co.,
Ltd is located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan.
It is a high technology enterprise that is established to serve intellingent manufacturing and industrial automation

Shandong Xuanji Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Qilu Software Park in the High-Tech Zone in the city of Jinan. 
 It is a high technology enterprise that is established to serve intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation, backed by the Robot Research Center, School of Control Science and Engineering in Shandong University, and the Robot and Intelligent Equipment Public Technology Service Platform.
 Xuanji is committed to becoming the pioneer in China Industry 4.0 and serving the high-end manufacturers in the country.
 Gathering all the information of the business resources through automation, Internet of Things and Internet, We provide the companies with integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions which can meet the customers demands to enhance productivity,efficiency,create maximum value and continuous driving force.

Focusing on customer and driven by technology
Adhering to the service concept of “quality, reputation and efficiency”

Our Goal visions:To become the leading enterprise in China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 within 3-5 years

___Research and develop the core technology of robot and intelligent equipment, and promote the digitization technology of key manufacturing equipment in China;
___Research and develop industrial software made in China, and promote the information technology in manufacturing industry in China;
___Research and develop the analyzing and mining technology in industrial big data, and promote the intelligent technology in manufacturing in China;
___Develop intelligent manufacturing related standard system to consolidate the ecological foundation of intelligent manufacturing industry;
___Collaborate closely with the manufacturers to achieve the strategic goal of the plan of Made in China 2025;


High-tech Zone Management Committee, Shandong University and Smart Software Solutions GmbH in Germany initiated the setup to provide a test and verification platform for launching the designs in the following directions. Derived from the collaborative innovation of government, industry, university and research, it is a demonstration platform for technology research and application. It is the first public service platform in the country that is a technology integration innovation.


Shandong Xuanji Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. is established.


CNC and PLC data acquisition equipment are developed successfully, having completed the automatic acquiring of nearly a hundred types of data of PLC and the mainstream CNC equipment such as Siemens, Fanuc, and Mitsubishi etc.


Relying on the SYDAS product of industrial equipment management, the functions such as equipment data management, equipment indicators management, equipment general checking, equipment safety management and predictive maintenance of the equipment etc have been brought forward and executed.


The big data analysis platform has been built successfully, achieving the one-stop solution of equipment data acquisition, data bus, data storage, data analyzing and mining, and data visualization.


The breakthrough in the case of big data mining application is achieved, completing the data mining and model building for Altas wrench.

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